Hubbys Chocolate

Hubbys Chocolate

More than just a Chocolate, our Hubby’s  Bars are a Premiere Edible that is a delicious indulgence touched by the Essence of XXX Hubby’s Oil. Enjoy our rich, smooth Chocolate that not only taste great but will assist you in relieving pain, distress, anxiety, etc…  

4 Responses to “Hubbys Chocolate”

  1. alex felix says:

    im a collective in bakersfield ca would like to get more info about ur hubbys bars you could contact me at 661-889-5431

  2. Kevin Bruce says:

    I loved your hubby bars, and used them daily to deal with my migraines/cluster headaches. However, the collective I used to get them from closed down (k.c.k.c. Bakersfield, Ca.), and was forced to look for an alternative. So I walked into another dispensary in town, and saw what I assumed to be your bars ( the color foil was the same per flavor, and even the labels were identical), so I bought 40 of them for $400.00. Only upon opening one did I notice the label said “smack bar”, and noticed it said hash oil, and not hubby oil. Let me tell you, realizing that you’ve been defrauded, sucks. The quality of the bar was horrible. I got little to no relief whatsoever. Where I would only need 1/6th of a real hubby, I had to eat almost an entire smack bar to feel anything at all. So I got online, and then became aware of the ‘fubbys’, and the ongoing dispute between company’s. I really wish you could reach out to one of our dispensaries, and have them sell your bars. I don’t have enough money to drive to L.A., and I refuse to waste another penny on the smack bar garbage. Thank you for your time.
    –Kevin B.

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